Gemstones or gems are ornamental stones used in jewelry. These are pieces of crystals (minerals) that are cut and then polished to make the jewelry, or even adornments. However, gemstones need not be minerals always. Certain rocks and organic materials are also often used to make jewelry and can, hence, be considered gemstones.

Gemstones tend to be rare and translucent in their purest forms. They can be classified according to color, translucency and hardness. Gemstones have been traditionally categorized into precious and semi-precious stones. Precious stones include diamonds, rubies and emeralds. Semi-precious stones include garnets, jades and amethysts. Each precious stone finds specific usage depending on preferences.


Moonstones are examples of semi-precious stones. These are members of the Feldspar Orthoclase family and found in nature but in limited quality. These stones are called moonstones because they have an ethereal shimmer that resembles the moon. This phenomenon is known as adularescence which refers to the beautiful glow combining milky white and bluish shades. This enchanting hue originates from below the surface of the gemstone. You may feel that the glow is moving whenever the moonstone is turned, or as if the light source has shifted. This gives the impression of lunar light floating on water. Therefore, these stones are popularly termed moonstones.

Moonstones can be found in many colors. They are usually white or blue. Very rarely, they can come in yellow, brown, grey, orange, or black shades. This along with its characteristic lunar glow has established its significance in jewelry making for centuries. These stones were favored by Roman and Latin artists due to their association with lunar deities.

In modern times, moonstones are used due to their simple yet elegant appearance. They are used to manufacture a large variety of jewelry and other adornments. E-commerce has now made it possible to buy moonstone jewelry online. These websites serve as a uniting platform to purchase various types of moonstone jewelry items.

Moonstone ( ornament is often set in sterling silver as the dull glow of the silver contrasts nicely with lunar glow of the gemstone. Such pieces are especially popular in India, and a lot of Indian websites sell these items.


Some of the different examples of moonstone jewelry that can be purchased online are:

1) Long oval earrings with faceted rainbow moonstones

2) Faceted rainbow moonstone necklaces

3) Round moonstone necklaces set in sterling silver

4) Moonstone strand necklaces

5) Sterling silver waterfall necklaces with moonstones

6) Heart-shaped pendants with rainbow necklaces

7) Arrow-shaped rainbow moonstone earrings

8) Sterling silver jade moonstone earrings

9) White moonstone stud earrings

10) Moonstone rings

11) Sterling silver moonstone anklets

Differing varieties of these pieces can be found online. The online retailers also provide weight and height data which makes it easier to buy moonstone jewelry online. () There are many reliable online retailers to choose from which leads to competitive pricing. Moonstone jewelry is exquisite and beautifully crafted. Possessing such stones, which exhibit that ethereal lunar glow, is definitely an attraction to any jewelry lover who is looking to enhance his or her wardrobe.

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