Needless to say, India is a shopper’s paradise. There are so many gorgeous items, made intricately using hand work, and that too at affordably low prices. However, due to so many options, people often feel confused about which ones are worth buying. But not all items are worth their salt. Here is a list of items that you must absolutely buy when in India.

If there is one thing that India is known for, it is the textiles. You can find all kinds of cotton and silk fabrics that can be used for clothing, table cloths, bed covers, wall art etc. While some of these fabrics are made from the scratch, there are some that are further adorned with hand embroidery, beading and other such intricate hand work exclusive to an Indian state or a village.


· The traditional embroidered shoes in India are one of a kind. They come in all sorts of colors and designs. They can be paired with a traditional outfit or a modern one for a pop of color.

· Indian jewelry is so eccentric and ornate that it can dress up any ensemble. There are all kinds of varieties and designs available. Find anything from a beaded bracelet to a detailed earring, there is no dearth of design in the traditional India. Women back in the day loved to adorn themselves with these eccentric pieces, that are now available for the people today as fashionable accessories.

· Tea is one thing that is more imbibed into our culture. Moreover, India’s tea plantations are not just producers of high quality tea but also make up for serene vacation spots. One can spend a nice and quiet weekend in a tea plantation and taste some of the finest teas straight from the gardens.

· Pashmina shawls are one of the most sought after items in India. They are made from wool obtained from goats in Himalayas and are extremely expensive. It is almost impossible to find real Pashmina at throwaway prices. If you are offered a shawl for unreasonably low prices, chances are that it is fake. However, there are also many other blends such as cotton, wool, silk etc. that also make up for fine pieces.


· There is nothing like buying the natural incense and attar made from organic spices, flowers, herbs etc. These natural scents have medicinal properties and therapeutic benefits and have been used since ancient times.

· Ayurvedic products are especially unique to India. You can get the best of Ayurveda at affordable prices and some of these products are also endorsed by big brands.


 Crafts in India [ ] are not only unique, but also quirky and extremely elaborate. Indian art and craft is a huge market for local and international shoppers. Looking at this breathtaking Exotic India [] art, our first instinct is to buy everything there available on the portal. You can get anything from a traditional attire to home décor items that can really spruce up your interiors. When in India, take a piece of its culture and diversity via its handcrafted items.



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