Get a Buddha Statue to Get a Feeling of Peace and Happiness in Home

Buddhism views compassion as the key to enlightenment. The root of sufferings and unhappiness is ignorance, according to Buddhist philosophy. A decorative Buddha statue can spread a feeling of peace and happiness in your home.

Buddha statues are also a good choice for followers and practitioners of Feng Shui. Buddha statues with different poses and postures are designed to communicate different lessons about the philosophy. There are different types of Buddha statues. These include the following-


1. Sleeping Buddha

2. Standing Buddha

3. Meditating Buddha

4. Laughing Buddha

5. Teaching Buddha

Different postures of Buddha statues are for different teachings and meanings. Excellent hand-carved statues of Buddhas are available online. Online stores can be the perfect place to shop for buddha statues. These stores offer a vast number of benefits for shoppers such as ease and convenience of purchase. There are several different types of Buddha statues sold online and as a Feng Shui practitioner it is time to check them out!


Beginners looking to buy one can find Buddhist statues online and can come across a wide variety of choices. In fact, the diversity of choices when it comes to Buddha statues in terms of size, region of origin and art style can actually confuse and confound the novice buyer. Other than statues of the Buddha himself, one can also find other Buddhism related statues online . There is also wide variety of choice of materials, ranging from tone, ceramic, brass, mosaic, copper, porcelain and many more.


Besides this, there are a lot many things that you as a buyer need to keep in mind while you make an online purchase for Buddhist statues in India ( -


1. Make sure the website is authentic before placing your order. Look for authentic reviews for the website and how their services are in terms of order customization and delivery facilities.

2. As a buyer you have to make sure about the seller on the website as well. This you could know more about under the comment section. At times, the seller take their leisurely time to send your order to the company. This extends the time period for your order to get delivered. It may take a month as well for you to receive your Buddha statue. So make sure to read about the seller too.


3. Look for discounts. You should always, while making an online purchase, look for discounts offered to you by the website or the coupons they offer to their clients on making a purchase for a specific amount.

4. Each Buddha statue comes with its own meaning because each mudra has a significant meaning and you as a buyer should be well informed about them. Do not go for a website that does not explain each mudra in which they are selling the statue to you.


5. Send your order back if there is any crack or the statue does not seem to be the same to you. At best there could be a slight difference in lighting and appearance of the statue but if the company has delivered you a statue that is altogether different in mudra and colour or material then it is recommended to you to return the statue immediately.

Make sure you understand the meaning and symbolism of the statues for the purpose you are making the purchase. Buddha statues should always be placed on an altar or stand. Ensure that you keep the statue in the cabinet while not meditating. The Buddha head statues are deeply meditative and you can radiate great peace and calm in your house or office through these.


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