Mohammad Tughlaq introduced the craft to Aurangabad when he shifted his capital from Delhi to Daulatabad. Due to this Aurangabad is famous for Pathani sarees. Paithani sarees takes us back to the golden era. It is considered as one of the richest sarees in India. As these sarees were worn by royalty, they were treated as heirlooms. The history of Paithani saree goes back to more than 2000 years. During those days, exquisite silk from Paithani was exported to many countries and was traded for gold and precious stones.

The cost of a Paithani saree could vary from Rs 6000 to almost 7 Lakhs, depending on the quality of the silver and gold used in weaving it. Since it is woven by hand and the process of preparation of a Paithani saree can take a time period ranging from a month to years, the price of the saree is considerably high. Paithani sarees are very famous and are generally found in Maharashtra. Maharashtrian women prefer to wear Paithani sarees usually during functions: marriage ceremony, Ganpati puja, and etc. It looks elegant and gives them a royal look. They do not require stone work or beads to enhance the beauty of the saree; the weaving is so fine and exclusive that the saree in itself looks classy and sophisticated.


It is believed that being a Maharashtrian, “You should have at least one paithani saree in your wardrobe.” But today the saying goes beyond being a Maharastrian; every Indian Lady should proudly own a Paithani saree. Paithani is characterized by borders of an oblique square design, and a pallu with a peacock design. Plain as well as spotted designs are available. Among other varieties, single color and kaleidoscope-color designs are also popular.

Though modern-day weavers are trying to develop newer and innovative patterns, usually traditional motifs are used in Paithani sarees. The most commonly used designs in the body of these sarees are ‘kamal’ (lotus flower), ‘hans’ (swan), ‘asharfi’ (coin), ‘asawalli’ (flowering vine), ‘Bangadi mor’ (peacock in bangle), ‘rui phool’ (cotton flower), circles, stars and clusters of leaves. In the pallu of such sarees, certain motifs are very commonly found. Some of them are the ‘Asawali’, ‘Panja’ (a flower in a geometrical shape), ‘Muthada’ (a geometrical shape), and ‘mor’ (peacock). Paithani sarees are woven in a number of colors e.g firozi, kaali chandrakala and several other beautiful colors.


If you are interested to add an exclusive saree to your wardrobe, without much delay purchase a Paithani saree . It is going to be one of the most treasured gift if you plan to gift it to your mother, sister or aunt; you are not only gifting her a Paithani Saree in fact you are gifting a culture which needs to be kept safely as it is not an ordinary piece of saree used generally these days. You can also buy Paithani Sarees Online (). It is an excellent way of preserving our culture which is gradually being diminished with the introduction of western wear. You need to be up to date but do not forget your tradition and culture. During special occasions or ceremonies you can adorn yourself with a Paithani saree and make people’s eyes revolve around you.



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