Art, culture, influence are hugely influenced by the local custom of a place. This is a universal fact that holds true for the local attire as well. The climate, folk stories and raw material available determine the traditional clothing and apparel of a locality. India being the diverse land it is, every region has a different attire and material to boast of.

While in some parts cotton is more commonly found, it others it is silk. While some parts are humid and sultry, the others are dry with sublime temperature. Silk and cotton has been the preferred choice of Indian women for sarees. These sarees not only have an elegance about themselves but are also comfortable to don. In earlier times, sarees used to be handmade. These days, the advent of machines has rendered the handloom industry into a minority.


You can still find handloom silk, cotton and embroidered sarees if you buy from reputed sellers. There are organizations who care for this ancient art and practice and have toiled to encourage it. The expert weavers are encouraged to put in their skill and efficiency into the art of saree making to bring to the customer the most elegant and flawless saree. Handloom sarees and those sarees with handmade design are the best ones since the durability and smoothness is top notch.

In Maharashtra, the preferred choice for sarees is Paithani. It is the traditional form of saree. It is said that every Maharashtrian woman has at least one Paithani saree in her wardrobe. The beauty of the paithani is that is a pure silk saree with a delightful kaleidoscope like design, Its rich texture makes it a precious buy. You can buy Paithani sarees online in India at reasonable rates. When you are buying Paithani, there are chances that you may come across fake ones. One should know how to segregate the fake paithani sarees from the real ones.

The expert workers design the zari border and the rich texture with their own hands. Typically, a Paithani is a confluence of colour and design making it look like a wholesome piece of art. Traditionally, it is now seen as a garb to be adorned in festive times and celebrations. Since Paithani originates from Maharashtra, there are many influences of local custom, sites, etc. in the Paithani saree. For instance, one may find the the Enlightened one – the Buddha himself – designed as a motif on the saree. This is due to the majestic Ajanta caves in the region. 

Similarly, other common designs include flora and fauna typical to the region. Symbols that are considered lucky in local religion and culture such as the three leaf design, the flowering wine, the peacock, etc. are also used in paithani sarees. The paithani sarees is generally single coloured or dual coloured. The pallu of the saree is different from the main motif. Sometimes, the design could be interlinked to showcase a folk story. 


Like any other saree, the Paithani is also 6- 7 yards in width. Due to its intricate design and border, the paithani is heavier than other sarees. If you want to buy a Paithani saree, make the purchase online at great rates. The quality is guaranteed and you will get nothing but the best Paithani available in the market, delivered to your doorstep. Look your charming best by adoring the Paithani saree.

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