Things You Should Keep in Mind When Buying Indian Art for Your Home

Some of us buy Indian art for personal reasons, while others buy it as an investment. In either case, choosing the right piece of Indian art for your home can be a difficult task, especially as you have to choose in between many forms, trends and artists. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying Indian art for your home, here are some valuable suggestions for the same.

Get the feel first

Do not just run into a gallery and buy the first Indian art piece you can find. You would need to envision the piece in your home, and ascertain how it would complement the decor of your home. Sometimes, an art piece that looks impressive in an art gallery may look lackluster at home. In addition, sometimes, the art piece you buy may not gel with the theme of the room and end up sticking out like a sore thumb! On the other hand, sometimes you will find an art piece that you can immediately connect with. If you feel a particular piece connects with you really well on a personal level, get it. Do not rush though, for you might be living with it for the rest of your life.


It is always wise to opt for an art piece that complements the other furnishings in and around the space you want to hang it on. For instance, if you have a couple of Indian miniature paintings on the wall, you can opt to add another miniature painting to the list, or hang a large piece in the center for focus.

Paintings and sculptures relating to the same styles would also look good together in a space. Also look at lighting options wherein you would either let the piece be illuminated by natural sunlight, or add an additional fixture above it for the same purpose.

Price vs. quality

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Before shopping for Indian art pieces for your home, set up a budget on how much you would want to spend on it. This in turn, would help you have a clear mind when choosing a specific art piece. It would also help you gauge the quality of the piece for its price, and ensure that the piece really deserves that much money.


Keep it minimal and realistic

Overdoing the decorations in a room would make it look suffocating and quite jarring in certain cases. The same can be said for Indian art. For instance, hanging too many Indian miniature paintings on one wall would make it look crowded, and would take away the feel of the individual art pieces. Keep it minimal and simple. That in turn, would definitely make the art pieces stand out beautifully.


Go for originals

Give respect to the artists who create these art pieces by buying only original pieces. Whether you are buying turquoise jewelry or miniature paintings, it is important. Even though you may be able to get an identical copy for a lesser price, your conscience needs to get the better of you at this juncture. Not only would you be insulting the original creator of the piece by buying a duplicate, you would also be lowering your own standards as a genuine lover of Indian art.

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