Saraswati is the Hindu Goddess of knowledge, art and wisdom. A statue of Goddess Saraswati can become a part of your spiritual section or you can also place it to add a spiritual aura to your home décor. In either case, it is considered to be auspicious for your home. The statue is available in varying materials, ranging from marble to brass. It is now easy to browse through the various options right from your home and it can reach your doorsteps once you make the purchase online. Some sites selling the statue also include details such as the artisan, the region of the artisan and so on.

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So, those looking to bring the auspicious idol for the home or office can easily order a Goddess Saraswati statue online. The serene expression of the goddess is believed to brighten up the atmosphere. There is the zoom option on the sites to take a closer look at the image of the statue to view the expression and final finish. However, the best way is to read the reviews of the buyers who have purchased the statue and left their valuable feedback on the site.

When you plan to order a Goddess Saraswati statue online, you will find artisan websites as well as e-commerce stores selling the statue. It is available in varying weights from a few grams to as heavy as 10kgs and more. You can choose depending upon the dimensions and weight you are looking for. There is also no dearth of the type of material used to build the statue. You will find the statue in brass, marble, wood, silver, sandalwood, ivory, bronze and more. The idols come in different types of brass as well as framed options are also available.

There are many sellers who claim to provide the finest material coupled with polished and smooth finish. Some sites may require an additional handling or shipping charges. These statues are available sporting different poses and facial expressions, giving you various options to choose from. The commonly found poses would be seated on a lotus flower with the musical instrument in her hands. Some artists take customized orders, so you can specify what you are looking for. For instance, Saraswati statues in bronze are used in schools as awards and you could further get them customized. Most of the online stores that let you order Goddess Saraswati statue online also sell statues of other Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Most of these sites promise international quality standards.

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The Saraswati statues  are priced across a wide range and you can choose from the most affordable idol to the extremely expensive ones. The prices will vary depending upon the material or materials used: the dimensions and weight of the statue and the final finish. It is important to buy the statue from a reliable site , who will sell it at the best price possible. You may also avail of the statue at discounted prices if you get lucky. Most sites accept online payments via debit or credit card, and also net banking. However, you can opt for cash on delivery option for easy transaction.


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