While visiting the home of a new friend I noticed some very interesting art on her walls and a collection of dolls and statues carefully stored behind glass doors. Most of the faces were of the same woman. When I inquired about them, my friend said they were Lakshmi idols. I had no idea what that meant so I asked again. My friend said that Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and that people pray to her for prosperity for themselves and their families. I’d never heard of this before so I was glad that I asked. Her answer made me curious so I did my own research.

What I discovered is that my new friend was right. Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. People who follow that belief system, do pray to her for success in business and within their family. I also discovered that many images of her are sold online. I found paintings and statues in many different poses. Most of the poses, though, found her holding a lotus flower.


Apparently, according to tradition, a lotus flower represents spiritual power and authority. Additionally, the paintings and statues were full of vibrant colors and visual movement. There are many traditions and ceremonies surrounding the goddess.

If you are looking to purchase any of the Lakshmi idols there are plenty to choose from. I found many different sculptures through online shopping. Some were made of brass and others were made of stone or marble. In addition to brass and stone, I found a Lakshmi idol meticulously carved out of wood. Besides finding the goddess Lakshmi carved into a statue you can also find her tons of different paintings. Again, she is painted with brilliant colors and usually sitting on a lotus flower.

I must say that after visiting my new friend’s house I learned something new. I had no idea that there was such a goddess named Lakshmi or that followers pray to her for wealth and prosperity. I certainly had no idea that you could find her statues and paintings in all styles and sizes. The paintings and carvings are meticulously done with the careful detail. If you are looking for goddess Lakshmi idols in any of these mediums, you can look online. If you do a simple search for the paintings for the statues you will find what I did; a lot to look at. There are many choices and each one is a personal decision based on your home décor and your desire to follow this idol. Also, the prices vary widely. For the paintings you could pay under $100 or well over. It is the same for the statues. There are affordable idols under $50 to more elaborate ones well over $100. What you spend is a personal matter. Do your own research and I think you’ll find, like I did, that there are many ways to bring this idol into your home, put her on display, and follow historical traditions.


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